Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tutorial 2.4 - Rifle Company conducts night attack on urban area(cont).

9.  What tasks do I need to accomplish?

Now that I have a basic outline of a plan I can begin to organize a task list.
Maneuver Tasks:
1.       Establish Attack by Fire position IOT deceive/suppress sector B1/B2
2.       Establish 2 Support by Fire positions near building A12 IOT suppress/isolate building
3.       Seize building A12
4.       Establish SBF position in A12
5.       Seize Sector A1
6.       Establish SBF positions in A18 and A19
7.       Seize Sector A3
8.       Establish SBF positions on key terrain buildings in A3
9.       Seize Sector C1 (Govt Building)
10.   Establish SBF position in Govt Building in C1
11.   Seize Sector C2 (Police Station)
12.   Establish SBF positions on key terrain buildings in C2
13.   Seize Sector B2 (Hotel)
Fire Support Tasks:
1.       Establish smoke screen east of sector A1 and B1 IOT deny enemy observation/fires west
2.       Provide mortar fires 150m west of building A12 IOT deny withdrawal/reinforcement of A12
3.       Suppress each Sector ahead of friendly movement
Obviously I developed this list chronologically which is usually the most intuitive method.  Below are the graphics which illustrate the tasks.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5

Pay particular attention to the left and right limits of the SBF positions.  As the assaulting friendly unit advances from building to building these would shift right or left to keep their fires focused on the ground yet to be cleared, yet pose no threat to the friendly unit.  At some point this would require that certain SBF positions cease fire altogether.

10.  Which forces can be assigned to accomplish these tasks?

Now we refer back to our organization chart and marry that to our task list.

The ABF position is easy.  The AT platoon is the best asset to accomplish this task and it keeps them from having to enter the town where they become especially vulnerable.  The SBF positions will be predominantly manned by the 6 M240s and 3 Javelins under the command of the XO, supplemented by the assault platoons that are not currently leading the formation.  (CMSF C2 mechanics make this another arbitrary detail but it is how things might be handled RL.) Each of the three platoons will remain pure under their perspective platoon leaders.  1st Platoon will seize Sector A1.  2nd Platoon will seize A3 (Hotel).  3rd Platoon will seize C1 (Govt Building).  2nd Platoon will pass through 3rd and seize C2 (Police Station).  1st Platoon will seize B1 (School) from A1.  This gives 1st Platoon time to recover from the potentially most casualty producing phase (est. foothold) and gives them the follow-up mission of attacking the sector that will most likely be the greatest reduced by the time of their assault.
So we have answered our 10 questions, developed a plan and drawn some flashy, pretty graphics to illustrate the plan.  Now we are ready to execute.  Once you get this process down you can do it in a matter of minutes and draw a rough sketch of your plan on a piece of notebook paper.  This will help you keep track of your progression through the plan and give you an instant reference for necessary changes when things fall apart.  But the key take away from all this is that you will have a task for each of your elements and they will all be working in conjunction toward a common goal.   No more floundering around on the battlefield hoping the current hail mary assault will work better than the last!

Videos are on Youtube. Long 45 min movie of attack on town divided into three smaller movies. Be sure to watch them in sequence. Sorry, no sound. Will do better next time, still learning the program. I did however, throw in some captions to try to help you keep up with the action. Enjoy.